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DIVORCE: Contested
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A contested divorce case will commence with the filing of a Complaint for divorce by one of the parties stating the grounds on which they are seeking the divorce. The Complaint will normally be served upon the other party who, within 30 days of being served with the Complaint, will file an Answer to the Complaint.  The served party may even file a counter-complaint making their own claim for a divorce and stating their own grounds.  The parties, at this juncture, will generally take whatever actions are necessary to prepare the case for trial.  The parties can still resolve their divorce by agreement at any time prior to or during a trial on the divorce case.

In an uncontested divorce, the parties have an advantage in that if they agree to everything, they have control as to the outcome of the divorce.  If the case goes to trial and a judge decides the case, the fate of the parties is in the judge’s hands

Many times, a party in a contested divorce proceeding will need temporary assistance from the other party while the divorce is pending and awaiting trial or resolution. If that party will not voluntarily provide that assistance, a party can ask the court to order that assistance temporarily during the pendency of the divorce case.